Brain Balance

Connecting families with hope through a little-known treatment program

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In five years of rebranding annual revenues increased by 375%

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Brain Balance

A one-of-a-kind, drug-free treatment program that helps children with spectrum disorders like processing issues, ADHD, Dyslexia, and autism. Brain Balances faced a unique challenge: how to convince parents who have tried everything else to place their trust in an unfamiliar program that sounds too good to be true.

We identified that families who had experienced lifelong changes via the program were its best evangelists. By placing these families at the center of our marketing campaign and allowing them to tell their personal stories, we established credibility and a connection with other skeptical parents.

We integrated this new brand strategy cross every marketing discipline, from TV ads to web to the in-center experience. The result has been a highly effective, 5-year campaign. I've touched every deliverable and helped the client exceed their own goals. That's the "balance" we look for in every relationship.