Brain Balance

Connecting families with hope through a little-known treatment program

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Annual revenues increased by 154% in the first year of the rebrand

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Brain Balance

Brain Balance helps children with spectrum disorders like processing issues, ADHD, Dyslexia, and autism. The program "re-balances" the brain using principles of neuroplasticity through an individually tailored regimen of physical exercise, cognitive therapy, and healthy nutrition.

It is non-medical and non-traditional, however the outcomes are quite significant—often resulting in lifelong changes. Simply put, the program sounds too good to be true. By the time parents find Brain Balance, they have usually exhausted all the traditional therapies and are skeptical that it will work.

In 2013, I helped re-brand the company to connect with families in terms they understood. There is still hope. This will actually work. We relied heavily on testimonials from parents and children who had been through the program as its ambassadors. In the first year we worked with them, annual revenues increased by 54% and consumer leads have been up 110% year over year.

From websites to sub-brands to print and advertising, I've touched every deliverable and helped the client exceed their own goals. That's the "balance" we look for in every relationship.